Here's a shot of Elgar in a Velocifhgter.
Here's an exterior shot of the planet Kalderon.
Here's a lot of General Norquist as shown on the Megaship's Viewing Screen.
Here's new footage of Giant Clawhammer.
All footage of Giant Clawhammer is new until the footage shows the Astro Megazord in the same shot as it. Any shots of Giant Clawhammer in the same shot as the tied-up Rangers is new footage.

Following info comes from Mega 5.
Dr. Hinelar located a piece of metal in the DNA remnants of Lizwizard. The metal came from the Astro Megazord's Saber.
Here's Clawhammer.  
Here's Giant Clawhammer.
Here's Clawhammer facing off against the Astro Megazord.
The Astro Megazord was actually being controlled by an automated computer system during most of this episode because INET's Leaders felt the Megarangers weren't using the Megazord to its fullest potential.