Here's Andros
The male voice that says "3, 3, 5" as a Space Rangers presses the corresponding numbers on the Morpher(s) is taken from Megaranger.
The morphing sequences are just basically a shot of the Rangers' face and then the finishing shot of the Megaranger henshin so I won't be including the sequences for this season.
Here's new footage of the Space Rangers.
Here's new footage of the Blue Space Ranger in new footage.
Here's new footage of the Yellow Space Ranger.
Here's another shot of the Red Space Ranger in new footage.
Here's new footage of the Pink Space Ranger.
Here's new footage of the Black Space Ranger.
Here's footage of the Black Ranger preparing to fight the Quantrons with his Lunar Lance.
Here's footage of the Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger with their Star Slinger and Satellite Stunner.  
Here's a shot of the Blue Ranger with his Astro Axe.
Most of the footage is new except for when you see the exterior of the Dark Fortress.
Here's a shot of 4 of the Space Rangers helmetless.
All footage of Astronema's Sphinx Ship is Sentai however all shots of her within the Ship's Cockpit is new.
The Sentai footage begins again when the Red Ranger is shown in the Shuttle's Megazord Cockpit in order to prepare for their Astro Megazord formation.
Obviously after the Megazord destroys the Sphinx Ship, the Megazord does its usual typical victory pose that is customary of all zords however the following shot, you'll see the Megaship and that shot of the Megaship is more than likely new footage.
The interior of the Dark Fortress is shown in this episode however there wasn't a good shot of it in this episode so I didn't get a picture of it.
Sphinx Ship and Astro Megazord footage comes from Mega 2