Frankenstein actually came from 2 ZyuRanger episodes. He was actually destroyed in the ZyuRanger episode that Titanus and the Thunder Slingers are first introduced. The "Super Putties" are destroyed and then after a little battle with their zords, the Rangers fire the Thunder Slinger/Blaster Combo at the Giant Frankenstein monster in order to weaken him and then the Dragonzord in Fighting Mode finishes him off. Now Frankenstein has a good deal of new footage which includes this scene  and of course his scene in the palace when he poses after being created. There was no scene of him posing after coming out of the Monstermatic tube because he had already been created off-screen before they had returned to the palace. He was actually the first monster that was made of their new Super Putty in ZyuRanger. This scene of Frankenstein is actually ZyuRanger footage.

All of the Dragonzord footage against Frankenstein comes from the same episode in which Titanus first appears in ZyuRanger.

After the Dragonzord in Fighting Mode finishes Frankenstein off, in Power Rangers, he's destroyed for good but in ZyuRanger, he actually changes into a new monster form. This particular monster form, we know him as the monster in "Island of Illusion, Parts 1 and 2" because he's called Mutitus in "Power Rangers."