In ZyuRanger, the statue was a monument that was made by a recently deceased artist and it presents his love of Nature and Art. The Spider monster was in control of the butterflies and the butterflies had released pollen that would get kids sick with the Nemrebo disease. All of the footage with the Spider monster who is called Spidertron in this Power Rangers episode is Japanese footage however there are some other scenes that are American footage.

Some shots of the Black Ranger in the same shot of the Forest Spirit Statue is American footage because they couldn't use the actual footage of it due to there being Japanese kids in the scene.

All of the footage of the Giant Spidertron is also Japanese footage.

This is also the first time in which the Dragonzord in Fighting Mode fights and actually finishes off a monster. Because of this, this is also the first time we see the Dragonzord in Fighting Mode's cockpit which is very similar to the Megazord's cockpit.