Now this episode took some of its story elements from its ZyuRanger counterpart, 1 of its key differences however is the fact that the Turtle monster who was called Shellshock  here, his "Go" beam was actually supposed to make people who are hit by it move constantly and uncontrollably until they wind up killing themselves. Also in regards to Shellshock, his "go" beam was blue in Sentai footage. The Power Rangers editors had to edit it to a green beam.

Also all of the Earth villain footage was all Japanese except for when Squatt appears alone in Angel Grove by the basketball court..Everything with Shellshock in it was all Japanese, even its Giant footage and even when it's with both Squatt and Baboo.

Most of the footage with the Yellow Ranger however is new footage. Her footage switches to Japanese when she gets onto the battle scene while the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and the Dragonzord were doing battle with Shellshock but Shellshock froze them.