This episode uses footage from 2 ZyuRanger episodes, 21 and 22. In the beginning when they're celebrating, there's a cut scene of the Putties playing trumpets. After that, the villains drink their drinks and then during their celebration, Burai comes by to try and attack Bandora however Bandora vanishes and attacks him with her fire breath.

I should mention that there's a scene in ZyuRanger 21 during their partying that is a good example of what kind of editing MMPR Productions' editors had to do because of Goldar and Scorpina's relationship in ZyuRanger footage. Stuff like this was edited out.

Daizyun wasn't killed in battle with Giant Goldar, Scorpina and Green Ranger. In reality, he was just healing inside the magma.

There was a ghostly figure who is called the Spirit of Life, Klotho. Klotho introduces Burai to the Lapless Room which is a room or a kind of other dimension where time doesn't pass there, this is because Burai is on borrowed time and there's a Green Candle in the room that shows how long he has left. When he was first introduced to the room, he was stated to have 30 hours left but once he became good, he was stated to have 25 hours left.

Klotho was the one who gave Burai the Flute which was our Dragon Dagger ( ) which allowed him access to his own Guardian Beast, Dragon Caesar which was our Dragonzord. Here's 2 images of the Dragonzord, with 1 of them being with the Green Ranger maybe on top of it.

When Daizyujin was attacking Dragon Caesar, it was actually a punishment for Dragon Caesar since Daizyujin wasn't happy with another God attacking him.

This was actually the first episode in which Dragonzord in Battle Mode is introduced. Here's a shot of it, with the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord right by it.

The shot of the Red Ranger near the end with him aiming his Blaster and firing it and then the beam hitting the Sword of Darkness which destroys it was all new footage.