Here's a shot of the White Ranger coming to life but this is in Tommy's dream.
Here's a shot of Princess Archerina, Prince Gasket and Altor, all in new footage due to the fact Altor didn't appear in Ohranger after Gasket and Archerina appeared.
Here's new footage of Altor.
Here are shots of the Machine Arena.

Brat Boy is the only one you can see in the following shot.

The following shot you can also see Mask Head in it which is a Youkai which comes from Season 3.

In this next shot you can see Artistmole.

In this shot you can see Octophantom, Soccadillo, Blue Globbor's Kaku Mode, Admiral Abominator, Vampirus and Smudgey Swirl Demon.
Octophantom and Soccadillo are from "Zyu2" footage whereas Blue Globbor, Vampirus and Smudgey Swirl is from KakuRanger.
Abominator is from Ohranger.

In this next shot you can see Stenchy which comes from Ohranger which is the Super Sentai season that "Power Rangers Zeo" takes footage from.

In this next shot you can see Centiback and Sinister Simian, both come from not only KakuRanger but they were also shown as monsters-of-the-day during Season 3.

Next shot shows Marv the Meanie and Miss Chief, both of which are KakuRanger and Season 3 monsters.

You can see Mace Face in this next shot along with what appears to be Tradirpor. Tradirpor comes from "KakuRanger" however Mace Face comes from Ohranger. This is actually the first instance of Mace Face being in new footage.

In this next shot you can see Cruel Chrome and what appears to be Octo-Head. Cruel Chrome comes from Ohranger and he was actually 1 of the monsters-of-the-day that Prince Gasket used in "Zeo." Octo-Head is a mosnter from KakuRanger that was unused in "Season 3."
You can also see 1 of Brick Bully's forms but I can't make out which form it is. Brick Bully comes from KakuRanger along with "Season 3."

In this next shot you can clearly make out that's Brick Bully's form is the 2nd form. You can also see Video Vulture behind Archerina.

In this next shot you can see Silo in the Audience.

In this next shot you can see Dischordia.

In this next shot you can see Main Drain.

In this next shot you can see Googleheimer.

In this next shot you can see Wrecking Ball.

In this next shot, you can clearly see Fish Cyclops.

In this next shot, you can see Lanterra.

Here's 2 shots of Tritor.  

Here are remaining shots of the Machine Arena.

You can see Fortissimodo in this next shot.

NOTE: All footage involving the Rangers is new footage.
            Any shots having anything  to do with the Machine Arena is new footage.

Altor comes from OhRanger Episodes 27 and 28 which you can check out at the following links: OhRanger 26, OhRanger 27 and OhRanger 28