Here are a couple shots of the Sword of Darkness. ) )

Any footage with the Dark Dimension in it (as shown here ) ) is new footage because there was no such thing in ZyuRanger. Something that is worth mentioning is the fact that Burai is the Yamato Tribe Prince and he's Geki's older brother. Geki wasn't born into the Tribe, he was actually the son of the Black Knight however the Black Knight was going to be executed and the only way to prevent that was to turn over his son to the Yamato Tribe which he did however the Knight used this chanc for a revolt opportunity and he and the Yamato King fought until the Black Knight was killed in the battle. Burai had been training daily for revenge against the King however he was never able to get his revenge due to the fact that the King was killed during 1 of Bandora's attacks. Burai now blames Geki for everything that has happened to him.

In ZyuRanger, the Sword of Darkness was actually an evil Sword that causes its wielder to become insane. Only Daizyujin knew about it, this is why he came to deal with the Dragon Ranger, he wasn't planning on fighting him.