Here's a dog in new footage. 
Here's a shot of the Blue Ranger in new footage.
Here's Rangers in new footage. 
Here's a new shot of Defector.

NOTE: The Blue Ranger is in new footage when he first appears but when he's seen climbing up a staircase onto a platform or whatever, it's Sentai footage.
The shot of the Rangers landing is new footage along with all following shots.
Most footage of Defector is Sentai footage which includes any shots of him in the same shot as the dog.
Defector saying "You're very welcome, little girl, any time" is new footage but that's the only shot of him that's new.
All footage of the Cogs is Sentai footage.

Following info comes from Ohranger 15.
Here's Defector. 

Here's Blue with a dog. 
Here's another shot of the same dog.
Here's a shot of the Blue Ranger in the Defender Wheel and here's a shot of the Defender Wheel rolling towards Defector.