Burai (as shown here ) was evil in ZyuRanger however Bandora didn't have access to the Coin for the powers because he already had the Coin and the Dino Buckler whereas in Power Rangers, Rita already had access to the Coin and she was the one who selected Tommy (as shown here ) to be her evil Green Ranger.

Now pretty much all Green Ranger footage is Japanese except for the shots of him in the palace and in the Command Center. Some Burai shots even snuck into the Power Rangers episode because that was Japanese footage of a guy lying down on a table in a foggy cobweb room, some of his close-ups of his eyes was also Japanese footage which faded into a close-up of Tommy's eyes.

Here are some shots in order to compare the Green Ranger footage between ZyuRanger and Power Rangers.

Sentai Power Rangers

All of the footage of Rita's Skull (as shown here ) is ZyuRanger footage. This episode also marks the first American appearance of Rita Repulsa (as shown here )

All of those scenes as shown in that image is new footage with Rita in it however the costume is worn by an American actress which is why her face is hidden.