Here's Cogs in new footage. 
Here's a shot of 3 of the Zeo Rangers in new footage, in this case, it's the Green, Pink and Red Zeo Rangers.
Here's a shot of Cogs grabbing the Mysterious Pianist, this is new footage but that should have been obvious.
Here's 2 shots of the Cogs and Fortissimodo in new footage, the first shot being when you can clearly see the Mysterious Pianist.
Here's a closer shot of Fortissimodo in new footage however you can still see part of a Cog in the scene.
Here's Fortissimodo in new footage. 

NOTE: Most shots of the Cogs is new footage but only if they're in the same shot as an umorphed Ranger or the Pianist or if they're in the same school as Angel Grove High School.
Early shots of Fortissimodo in Angel Grove is new footage especially when he's in the same shot as tthe Pianist or even in the same shot as the Cogs if they don't have their Spears.
All footage of the Cogs and the Green Ranger fighting is new footage.
Footage of Fortissimodo switches to Sentai footage when he first says something in French.
Footage of Klank and Orbus is spliced in because in Ohranger, Fortissimodo just showed up as a Giant. There was no growing involved for him.

All footage of the Zeo Megazord with its Zeo 4 Battle Helmet has been deleted.

The following comes from Ohranger 16.
Here's 3 shots of Fortissimodo and here's a shot of him as a Giant.
Here's a shot of the Zeo Megazord with its Zeo 4 Battle Helmet.