Here's 3 shots of Dischordia in the Chamber.
Here's a shot of Dischordia in new footage.
Here's a shot of the White Ranger with his Power Coin out.
Here's a shot of the Rangers with their Metallic Armor on facing off against Dischordia.
Here's a shot of the Shogun Megafalconzord American toy.
Here's a shot of the Shogun Ultrazord.

All shots of Dischordia appearing in the Space Skull is Kaku footage. The footage was badly edited because you can nont only see some footage of her Cold Steel form but after Dischordia first appears in her main form, you can also see a shot of the Silent Knight Statue in the background.

All ground footage of Dischordia in Angel Grove is new footage. All Giant shots of her is Kaku footage.

In the Power Rangers episode, Ninjor converts to Warrior Mode without getting angry but every time Ninjaman transforms to SamuraiMan in KakuRanger, he doesn't do so without getting angry due to a Youkai insulting him.

The footage of Ninjor in Warrior Mode using his Energy Ball move wasn't used against Dischordia, it's actually stock Kaku footage that they ended up reusing for this MMPR episode.

For more information in regards to the KakuRanger episode footage Dischordia was sourced from please see the following link: KakuRanger Episodes 50, 51 and 52