Here's new footage of Brick Bully.
Here's a couple shots of Brick Bully's 2nd form in new footage.
Here's 2 shots of Giant Brick Bully with growth lightning on him, this is new footage as well.
Here's 2 shots of Giant Brick Bully in the same shot as the Blue Ranger.
Here's another shot of Giant Brick Bully in new footage.
All ground footage of Brick Bully is new footage. There were a few new Giant shots of him (and you can see a few of them above) but the rest of his shots are Kaku footage.

The shot of the footage where it looks like the Blue Shogunzord is attacking Brick Bully with its Staff has apparently been edited in "Power Rangers" because in KakuRanger Episode 6, the Shogunzord got interrupted before he could attack the monster. It also appears like they edited the shot of the Sentai footage of the Giant Brick Bully to make it seem like he explodes into brick pieces.

Here's a shot of Kat's "Pink Ranger Power" morph sequence with it showing the Pink Ranger Ninja Suit in the Coin part of the Power Morpher.
Here's a shot of morphed-but-helmetless Kat in the Command Center.
For more information in regards to the episodes Brick Bully was sourced from, please go to the following link:KakuRanger Episodes 5 and 6