Here’s a shot of Adam’s Ninja Ranger clone trick.
Here’s another shot of his Clone Trick but it‘s different this time around.
Here’s a shot of Aisha using her Yellow Ninja Disappearing trick.
Here’s a shot of Kat in the Falcon cockpit.
Here’s 2 shots of Giant Goldar in new footage.
Here’s a new shot of Giant Ninjor.
Here’s new footage of Ninjor and Goldar in Giant footage.
Here’s a shot of Evil Kat with Kimberly’s Power Coin.
Here’s a shot of Lord Zedd with the Falconzord in Animal form.
All footage of Goldar and Ninjor fighting is new footage which includes the Giant footage. All footage of the Falconzord in the fight is Kaku footage. All footage of Ninjor in the bottled is Kaku footage, the Bottled footage comes from KakuRanger Episode 36.