In the ZyuRanger episode, there was a clown who had worked for Bandora and he was using a Japanese kid to help him with Bandora's plan. He could create golden soccer balls which once te kid wound up kicking, it would land and it would release pollen which caused everyone around to start freezing uncontrollably. This pollen was the pollen Pineoctopus ended up using which is when he referred to the Rangers' suits protecting them from his magic. As you can see in the footage, you can see that Squatt is sneezing in the Japanese footage around that line.

Now there were a lot of rumors by some people who had thought Saban and MMPR Productions didn't get the Pineoctopus costume however there's evidence in this episode that the costume has new footage as you can see in the following 2 shots:

The shot on the left is the shot from ZyuRanger and the shot on the bottom or on the right is the American footage. Saban and MMPR Productions never digitally edited monster footage into American footage.

Here's a shot of the Giant Pineoctopus.

Also here's the shot of the Japanese footage of the Triceratops Dinozord latching onto the monster with its cables or wires. Now I'm not entirely sure but I would like to think that the shot of the Triceratops in that scene, as shown here is actually footage of the Japanese toy. Also even though it's most likely obvious based on the footage, the Giant Pineoctopus in ZyuRanger footage was actually destroyed by the Tyrannosaurus' dirt attack. There was no footage of the Megazord with that particular monster.