Here's a shot of Rita and Zedd with Rita's new Repulsascope.
Here's an American-shot of Rito.
Here's a shot of the Eggs that Rito planted on the Moon.
Here's a shot of Goldar and Rito in the Chamber of Command.
Here's a shot of Rito with 4 Zyu2 monsters.
Here's an American-shot of Giant Rito.
Here's an American-shot of Giant Rito but this time he's in the same shot as the Rangers. Here are a few American-filmed shots of the zord battle.
Here's a shot of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa firing their Staff Lightning Growth Beam.
Here's a shot of Kaku footage used in the Power Rangers episode that features the Lightning Growth Beam coming from the clouds.
For additional information in regards to the Gasha Skull (Rito) footage that was used not only in KakuRanger Episode 24 but also in Episode 30 and 31 (30 and 31 being where most of the Giant Rito Kaku shots is taken from) as well as other information in regards to those 3 KakuRanger Episodes please see the following link: Kaku 24, 30 and 31