Here's a shot of Repellator from behind him.
Here's a couple shots of the Plague Patrol.

Here's some shots of Repellator with Finster in Finster's Workshop.
Here's a new shot of Finster in his Workshop. You can partially see the tube behind him which seems to be the tube that comes from the Monstermatic so it's possible MMPR Productions even made a replica Monstermatic.

Here's another Plague Patrol shot.

Here's a shot of Giant Repellator.

Here are shots of the zord battle. I'll only be including a few shots of the new zord footage however in the episode there are some stock shots of zord footage used.

Here's a shot of Count Dregon and his minions on the Spider Base's Bridge.

Here's a shot of King Lexian and Prince Dex meeting.
Here's a closer shot of King Lexian.