Don Don is a fairy and he went to Bandora because he wanted a job that would pay 3,920 yen a day. Bandora refused Don Dor as a monster for her army because she wanted mosnters that would terrify children. A little Japanese boy named Toshio was helping out the monster with the capturing of things, he's the one who captured the airplane.

Boi was the oen who told Don-Don that he was trying to make money and kidnapping people in the process.

Don-Don hadn't thought of that and he and his kid friend had released all of the things that they took.

Bandora made Don-Don and the kid grow.

Power Rangers had to be very clever in regards to the zord footage since they had to cut up a lot of it to prevent the showing of Toshio however in 1 case, he can still be seen in the Japanese footage that was used which is shown here 

Don Don (aka Mr. Ticklesneezer) had a few scenes in American footage compared to other Dora Monsters that were used from ZyuRanger. Here's some comparisons between Sentai and American scenes.

Sentai Power Rangers


Trini's car (or 'dream' car) was also a ZyuRanger idea, some of the footage of the car was ZyuRanger footage as you'll see in the following images below.

Sentai American

Also all of the footage of Mr. Ticklesneezer in Trini's house including with Squatt as shown here is American footage.

Here's a shot of the Giant Ticklesneezer monster as shown here