In DaiRanger, Vase Face was ordered by Gara to kidnap people who he couldn't turn into stone because he claims that those he can't turn to stone are ones who have Gorma blood in them so Gara wants to round up all of the ones with Gorma blood in them and have their Gorma blood awaken so that they'll turn into monsters so that they'll wind up attacking the humans.

Here are shots of Vase Face. Power Rangers didn't really have much footage to choose from in regards to Vase Face's Human-Size Form so all of their footage was Japanese footage however all of the ground DaiRanger footage they used were either shots of the Vase Face puppeteer or close-up shots of his eyes lighting up.

Here's a shot of Vase Face with his Sword.

Here's a shot of Giant Vase Face facing off against the Thunder Megazord.

Here's a shot of 3 of the villains in the Chamber of Command. Strangely they forgot to put Finster's headband on him.

Here's a shot of the 2 Blue Rangers, the one on the left is the evil one.

The shot of the 2 Blue Rangers is new footage.