In the Japanese episode, Totpat had disguised himself as a person in a rabbit costume and gave Mei an apple. She ate it and it was actually a poisonous apple. The Snizzard monster was trying to turn kids into apples.

The ZyuRanger knew that only Mei could destroy the Snizzard monster because he could only be destroyed by her Arrow.

The apple didn't knock Mei unconscious or put her in a coma, she was just in kind of a dream state that she was trapped in. Bandora knew only Mei could destroy the monster.

This was actually the first episode in which we met 1 of the Rangers' relatives, in this case, it was Kimberly's Uncle Steve as shown here with his niece. What's interesting to note is the fact that he was played by Douglas Sloan, 1 of the main writers for the show and the Executive Producer of Power Rangers Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder.

This episode features another US appearance of Squatt. Here's 2 images of it.

Here's a Japanese footage of the Blade Blasters in Blade Mode as shown here and here  and of the Blade Blasters in Blaster Mode as shown here

Here's some comparisons in regards to Snizzard in footage because most if not all of the footage of him in the palace is new footage.

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