Geki, Goushi, Dan, Boi and Mei.

These are the 5 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

This is the ZyuRanger lair.

Here's an outside shot of the Command Center.

Here's an inside shot of the Command Center.

Any shots of the Youth Center is new footage because it was shot in California whether it was on location or inside a studio. Here's the Youth Center's logo. and here's a shot of the inside of the Youth Center.

The entire outside shot of Rita's Palace was always reused Japanese footage from ZyuRanger, as seen here.

                                                               Here's Rita Repulsa in Japanese ZyuRanger footage.

Here's Squatt and Baboo in ZyuRanger footage

Now I do recall reading online that Saban had requested Toei to film some new footage of Rita's minions and apparently they did because apparently this shot of Finster in his workshop is footage that wasn't in ZyuRanger because Toei had filmed it for Saban but it wasn't part of the Zyu2 footage.

Here's a Sentai ZyuRanger shot of Goldar.

Now Saban wanted to film Goldar in new footage because he didn't talk much in Zyu footage so they decided to do so with tthe original suit. Here's the US shot of Goldar in US footage of Rita's palace. This scene is when he says "I'll lead them down and make the Earth yours, Empress" to Rita.

Goldar's line of "It won't happen again, Empress" to Rita while in the palace is also American footage.

This is Barza, he was a sage/wizard in ZyuRanger who had a history with Bandora. He was the one who woke up the ZyuRanger due to Bandora's release. This is Zordon, he was an American creation in "Power Rangers.

Alpha 5 was also another American creation.

Some of the battle footage of Giant Goldar against the Megazord was footage from ZyuRanger 6 which is what Power Rangers uses in "A Pressing Engagement" for its Giant King Sphinx fight.

All of the zords and most of the cockpit scenes are ZyuRanger footage however all of the zord and zord cockpit scenes in this episode are Sentai footage.

Here are the Dinozords. The Black Ranger's Mastodon Dinozord. The Pink Ranger's Pterodactyl Dinozord. The Blue Ranger's Triceratops Dinozord. The Yellow Ranger's Saber-toothed Dinozord The Red Ranger's Tyrannosaurus Dinozord.

Here are the cockpits for the Dinozords. The Mastodon Dinozord cockpi The Pterodactyl Dinozord cockpit. The Triceratops Dinozord cockpit. The Saber-toothed Dinozord cockpit. The Tyrannosaurus Dinozord cockpit.

Tank Mode.


Tank Mode and Megazord cockpit.

Here are pictures of Finster's Workshop that are from various episodes.

Now I don't quite remember whether these Putty images are from this episode or not but I'm pretty sure 1 of them was at least a recycled shot from this episode. Here are images of the original Putties in order to compare them between their Japanese footage and their American footage, I hope the Sentai shot is of the orignal Putty.