Z Putties, Vampirus, Punch-a-bunch and Two-Headed Parrot can be seen in this pic.

Here's Zedd and Rita's Army.

You can see Z Putties, Octophantom and Vampirus.

You can see Psycho Blue's Monster Form in this shot.

You can see Oysterizer and See Monster in this shot along with Psycho Blue's Monster Form.

You can see Blue Globbor in "Kaku Mode."

Here's a shot of the Gold Ranger in the middle of a Monster Army.

Here's some more shots of Zedd's Army.
Monsters you can see in this pic include Blue Top.

Beings in this pic you can see include Squatt, Finster, Psycho Blue's Monster Form and what looks to be Ravenator.

Part 2

Here's Rita and Zedd.